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Rivka Syd Eisner: Performing Remembering: Women's Memories of War in Vietnam. Cham, Palgrave Macmillan/Springer 2018

Cover Eisner Performing Remembering

This book explores the performances and politics of memory among a group of women war veterans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Through ethnographic, oral history-based research, it connects the veterans’ wartime histories, memory politics, performance practices, recollections of imprisonment and torture, and social activism with broader questions of how to understand and attend to continuing transgenerational violence and trauma.  Mehr



Olivia Killias: Follow the Maid. Domestic Worker Migration in and from Indonesia. Copenhagen: NIAS Press 2018

Cover Killias Follow the Maid

This finely observed study unveils the workings of the Indonesian migration regime, one that has sent hundreds of thousands of women abroad as domestic workers each year. The book literally follows migrant women from their recruitment by local brokers in a village in upland Central Java, via secluded 'training' camps in Jakarta, employment in gated middle-class homes within Indonesia and in Malaysia and back home again. By exploring the 'making' of domestic workers for the global care economy, Olivia Killias brings the reader directly into the nerve-racking lives of migrant village women, and reveals the richness and ambiguity of their experiences, going beyond stereotypical representations of them as ‘victims of trafficking’. Mehr