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Willemijn de Jong, Eriko Aoki, John Clammer (eds.): Arts in the Margins of World Encounters. Wilmington, Delaware: Vernon Press 2021


Arts in the Margins of World Encounters presents original contributions that deal with artworks of differently marginalized people–such as ethnic minorities, refugees, immigrants, disabled people, and descendants of slaves–, a wide variety of art forms–like lay figures, textiles, paintings, poems, museum exhibits and theatre performances–, and original data based on committed, long-term fieldwork and/or archival research in Brazil, Martinique, Rwanda, India, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Mehr


Lena Kaufmann: Rural-Urban Migration and Agro-Technological Change in Post-Reform  China. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2021

Cover Contributions to Indian Sociology

How do rural Chinese households deal with the conflicting pressures of migrating into cities to work as well as staying at home to preserve their fields? This is particularly challenging for rice farmers, because paddy fields have to be cultivated continuously to retain their soil quality and value. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and written sources, Rural-Urban Migration and Agro-Technological Change in Post-Reform China describes farming households' strategic solutions to this predicament. It shows how, in light of rural-urban migration and agro-technological change, they manage to sustain both migration and farming. It innovatively conceives rural households as part of a larger farming community of practice that spans both staying and migrating household members and their material world. Focusing on one exemplary resource - paddy fields - it argues that socio-technical resources are key factors in understanding migration flows and migrant-home relations. Overall, this book provides rare insights into the rural side of migration and farmers' knowledge and agency. Mehr