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Janina Kehr, Hansjörg Dilger and Peter van Eeuwijk, eds.: Transfigurations of Health and the Moral Economy of Medicine: Subjectivities, Materialities, Values. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie - Special Issue (2018, Vol. 143, No. 1)

CoverZeitschrift für Ethnologie

This special issue explores the deep entanglements between medicine, law, politics, morality and economy in the contemporary world order and asks how these entwinements shape illness experiences and forms of treatment and care in the varying locations and contexts of Egypt, Tanzania, Brazil and India. By introducing the concept of ‘transfiguration’, we highlight the highly ambiguous, ever-evolving and increasingly transnational character of these processes in the vastly contested and power-ridden fields of medicine and wellbeing. Mehr


Georg Winterberger and Esther Tenberg (Eds.): Current Myanmar Studies. Aung San Suu Kyi, Muslims in Arakan, and Economic Insecurity. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019

Cover Current Myanmar Studies

Myanmar shifted into the centre of international attention in 2011, when the new civilian government took over. Enormous media scrutiny began in 2017 and 2018 after the outbreak of violence between Muslim and Buddhist population groups. This book brings together papers presented at the Myanmar Conference 2017, the annual gathering of German-speaking Myanmar scholars. It contains articles concerned with the major issues currently facing development in Myanmar. More