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  • At a time when rights are increasingly placed on the humanitarian agenda, this book provides a unique ethnographic account of the dynamics of aid to disabled people in a Ugandan refugee camp. By unraveling the complexities of social, material and institutional interdependencies, the author invites us to rethink conventional notions of dependence and vulnerability.
  • Heritage governance encompasses explicit and implicit creative practices. Our anthropological approach views creativity as a social and cultural phenomenon, not just an individual process. This publication aims to diversify how creativity is addressed in governance by exploring various vernacular and re-creative practices.
  • Zakat giving or mutual aid is a sacred practice in Islam. Where government and public safety nets fail, zakat serves as a form of social security in Muslim communities. In Divine Money, Emanuel Schaeublin shows how zakat institutions and direct zakat donations function in contemporary Palestine.
  • Taking the case of Qazaq Pastoralists in Western Mongolia, this book looks at the universal human requirement to balance individual flexibility and strategies designed to make a living with the social expectations that impose particular rules of conduct but also enable mutual trust and cooperation to emerge.
  • Dieses Buch ist eine Einladung an Sozial- und Kulturanthropolog:innen, affine und affizierte Kolleg:innen, sich weiterhin im Zentrum der interdisziplinären Emotions- und Affektforschung zu positionieren.
  • This Element explores multi-faceted linkages between feeding and relationship formation based on ethnographic case studies in Morocco, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Costa Rica. Research demonstrates that there are many culturally valued ways of feeding children, contradicting the idea of a single universally optimal feeding standard.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the work and life of people across the world. Yet, not everyone was affected in the same way. The pandemic not only deepened existing inequalities but also gave rise to new forms. This collection of student essays addresses the multitude of ways that the pandemic has transformed – and continues to transform – the daily work lives of people in and around Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • What if fieldwork literally means working in an actual field? What if it means doing participant observation with people making their living from agrarian fields – farmers, landlords, campesinos, tenants, plantation workers and managers, swiddeners, and beekeepers? In this collection, six authors present their reflections on fieldwork situated and located in agrarian fields.
  • Im Rahmen meiner Bachelorarbeit befasste ich mich anhand des Beispiels Endometriose mit genderbasierter Diskriminierung in der westlichen Medizin. Durch die filmische Inszenierung von Endometriose als fiktiver Männerkrankheit wird die Diskriminierung deutlich gemacht. Mit meiner Bachelorarbeit will ich einen Beitrag zur Aufklärungsarbeit leisten und Forderungen stellen.

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