Zurich Anthropology Working Papers

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ZANTHRO is the working papers series published by the anthropology section of the Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies at the University of Zurich. Showcasing the diversity of research produced by scholars and students affiliated with the department, the ZANTHRO working papers engage with current debates in anthropology’s vast array of subfields. Contributions include working papers from senior academic staff, post-docs, visiting researchers and guest lecturers and revised versions of excellent bachelor and master theses.

ZANTHRO is peer reviewed by the Department’s editorial board and invites contributions throughout the year. The ZANTHRO working papers are available in electronic format through the Department's public website.

For more information please see our author guidelines (PDF, 462 KB).

To be kept informed of new ZANTHRO publications or to enquire about submitting a working paper, please contact the editorial board via

Editorial board:
Katyayani Dalmia
Annuska Derks
Michèle Dick
Molly Fitzpatrick
Lena Kaufmann
Olivia Killias
Esther Leemann
Francesca Rickli