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ISEK - Institut für Sozialanthropologie und Empirische Kulturwissenschaft Ethnologie

Marina Gold

Marina Gold, Dr.

  • Assoziierte Wissenschaftlerin

Research Topic

The state, Revolution, political anthropology, medical anthropology, migration, urban movements, human rights.

Research Area

Cuba, Australia, Latin America, Europe

Short Bio

Dr Marina Gold has a double major in archaeology and anthropology. She completed her PhD in Anthropology in 2012 at Deakin University. Her areas of expertise are in political and economic anthropology, development studies and Caribbean and Latin American studies. She has taught at the University of Sydney and at Macquarie University. She is currently a research fellow at Bergen University, where she is working on European Research Council sponsored project on Egalitarianism. Her research focuses on human rights discourse, child labour and refugees in Latin America and Europe.

List of Publications Marina Gold (PDF, 85 KB)