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ISEK - Institut für Sozialanthropologie und Empirische Kulturwissenschaft Ethnologie

Summer School "Roots and Routes" (CH) 2021

Dear students,

We plan to hold a summer school in Switzerland during the 2021 semester break on migration with the title “Roots and Routes.” Participants will delve into migration research and conduct their own investigation by interviewing settled migrants in Switzerland.

The summer school is currently scheduled for the second half of June (15 June until 2 July). It will consist of a one-week course session, including lectures, joint discussions of selected readings, interview trainings and the preparation for the subsequent research. In the following two weeks, students will do each 3-5 interviews with settled migrants alone or in smaller groups at different locations in German-, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. Building on interview guidelines developed together, we will ask, among other things, about their motivations to migrate, crucial experiences in their hometown, en route and here, their past and present key networks and communities, and their shorter-term and larger life plans.

The summer school will be concluded by a two-day final session (the exact dates will be determined by the availability of the participants). There we will present and compare our results and discuss questions and research projects arising from our exploration.

This summer school is open to both BA and MA students. A prerequisite for attending is that you have done one Methodenvertiefung “Doing Ethnography” (or something equivalent) or will do so this semester. No special language skills are required; however, some of them may be an advantage. The assignment will be to transcribe and reflect on two or three interviews, depending on their length.

Those interested are warmly invited to attend our online information meeting, taking place on 12 February from 10 to 11 a.m. We are looking forward to your registration by 10 February via email to

Best wishes,

Peter Finke, Meltem Sancak, and Daniela Dietz


Program Summer School "Roots and Routes" (PDF, 78 KB)