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ISEK - Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies Popular Culture Studies

Todd Sekuler

Todd Sekuler, Dr.

  • Research Assistant
+41 44 634 58 64
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Informed by intersecting fields of research on heritage, memory, archives, gender, sexuality, Poland, Jewish history, and the (Jewish) diaspora, my current work engages with newly emerging objects from pre-Holocaust Jewish life in Poland (e.g, film or photographic materials), analysing their potential as they unfold in lived experience and become oriented towards or away from modes of futurity, forms of identification and dis-identification, and possible political alliances and affinities. Objects are viewed here as material and affective agents of memory and imagination, exerting their own influence while simultaneously responding to and challenging human interactions and meanings. They are investigated as narrating and thereby co-producing historic events and technologies, clusters of affect, and frames for projection and speculation, generating unpredictable potential for molding novel senses of self and modes of belonging, and for reconfiguring relations to and between the past, present, and future. Additional ongoing research projects focus on the pathologisation of sex and gender, the politics of memory around AIDS activism, the criminalisation of online hate, and alternative modes of knowledge production and ethnographic practice (e.g. graphic novels, oral history archives, ethnographic films).

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