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Information for Incoming Students

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Are you interested in studying social and cultural anthropology for one or two semesters at the University of Zurich? We look forward to hearing from you! You can study social anthropology at the Bachelor's and Master's level in Zurich. Enjoy surfing the pages of the ISEK–Ethnologie:

For a good start to your studies at ISEK-Ethnologie, please refer to our semester welcome. It takes place every semester in the first week of lectures on Tuesday at 4:15pm. For further details, please refer to our agenda.


Information on the application process, deadlines and other administrative issues can be found on the site of the Global Student Experience.

Incoming students from Switzerland:

Incoming students from Europe:

Incoming students from Overseas / outside of Europe:


If you have any questions about studying social and cultural anthropology in Zurich, please contact our departmental mobility coordinator Juliane Neuhaus

Please direct all further questions regarding mobility with UZH to the UZH Global Student Experience department:; or directly to

Upon arrival

Please make an appointment (by email) with Juliane Neuhaus once you have arrived. We will sign your Learning Agreement and I will provide you with further information for studying with us.

Our courses

At Lehrveranstaltungen Ethnologie (our courses) you will find information about times, requirements, lecturers regarding our current course offer as well as that of the following semester (each from the middle of the semester). The language of the title and information refers to the respective language of instruction. Here you can find the complete course catalogue of the UZH.

Switzerland for Incomings

We are happy to announce an anthropological module especially targeted at UZH's incoming students: "Switzerland for Incomings“. We have taught this module since autumn 2018: Switzerland for Incomings: Ethnographic Approaches“.

Please read the following article at SwissInfo about the module: switzerland-for-whoever-you-ask-/45397350

We are looking forward to seeing you there!