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Student Association

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The FVEZ (Fachverein Ethnologie Zürich) is the Social Anthropology Student Association of the University of Zürich’s Cultural Science Institute ISEK. We organise events and ongoing projects, as well as take part in meetings, trying to represent the students' voices and needs towards the university, faculty and institute. If you have questions regarding student life at the University of Zurich, the social anthropology classes and institutes we’re the right door to knock on!

Students that study social anthropology at ISEK are automatically (passive) members of the association and are always warmly welcomed to take part in our events. If you are taking part in the association by attending meetings and helping with the organization of events and projects you count as an active member: These are structured in so called “Arbeitsgruppen (AG’s)”, small working groups that are formed and filled anew at the general assemblies which take part at the beginning of each semester. The AG’s organize (for example) the introduction days for first semester students, chilled Ethno Weekends, the legendary Ethno Party and many other events. We also have an ongoing podcast, which talks about Social Anthropology and different fields of work and employment, as well as the academic path and research. If you have ideas for events and projects you are always welcome to join and form your own working group.

Follow us on @ethnofluencers to get regular updates on our events and projects. Our room AND 5.12 is always open for everyone and we have a newsletter mailinglist you can subscribe to, just search “ISEK Mailinglisten” via your prefered search engine or follow this link:


Fachvereinszimmer AND 5.12
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