South Asia Forum (SAF)

The South Asia Forum (SAF) is a forum for researchers, students, and everyone else with an interest in South Asia. It is organized by Prof. Johannes Quack’s chair at the ISEK - Social and Cultural Anthropology, Zurich University.

Our SAF-Newsletters informs about upcoming events related to South Asia in the area of Zurich. Those interested can join our Mailinglist.

As part of our SAF-Lecture Series we organise three to four meetings per semester for invited guests to present their ongoing research projects. The forum thereby provides a framework to discuss contemporary research on South Asia, to reflect on developments in the region, and to connect with colleagues interested in this field. Everyone is cordially invited to join!

SAF Lecture Series HS18
SAF Lecture Series HS18

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SAF Lecture Series FS18 (PDF, 733 KB)

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