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Jean-Yves Taranger

Jean-Yves Taranger, M.A.

  • Doctoral Researcher
+41 44 635 23 93
Room number
AND 5.04

Research interests

Anthropology and Education, Applied Anthropology, Early Childhood Interventions, Indigenous and Transcultural Education, International Development

Research area

Latin America

Short bio

Jean-Yves Taranger is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Zurich, spearheading the research project "Saving Brains? Applying Ethnography to Early Childhood Interventions in the Global South." His academic achievements include a Master of Arts in Anthropology and Education from Columbia University, awarded the Zankel Fellowship and the Margaret Mead Fellowship for his work along indigenous students in Oaxaca, Mexico and migrant high school students in New York, USA. Taranger also holds a Bachelor of Education from McGill University, in Montreal Canada during which he participated in several field studies in East Africa, Panama and the Arctic that laid the groundwork for his commitment to ethnographic research on development and education.

Taranger's career is marked by a blend of teaching in Arctic Inuit schools and conducting impactful research in Latin America, reflecting his dedication to understanding and improving community lives in the Global South through ethnography. His work, deeply rooted in anthropology and education, demonstrates a commitment to understanding the cultural and policy implications of school systems on diverse groups of people across the world.