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Kiah Rutz

Kiah Rutz, MPhil

  • Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer
+41 44 634 90 26

Research interests

Material and visual anthropology, museum anthropology, globalisation, consumption, textiles, practical knowledge, infrastructure, anthropology of maintenance and repair

Research area

Europe, China, Chinatowns, Diaspora

Short bio

Kiah Rutz works in the fields of cultural, material and visual anthropology studying processes related to globalisation, textile production, consumption and infrastructure. She undertook her BA in Classical Archaeology at UCL. She then obtained an MPhil in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology from the University of Oxford, with her thesis focusing on Liverpool Chinatown, its global connections, and the city’s conceptualisation of Chinese culture. For the past year, Kiah has been working at the Völkerkundemuseum as assistant for the upcoming exhibition on Miao textile knowledge.