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Alexandra Jugelt

Alexandra Jugelt, M.A.

  • Doctoral Researcher

Research interests

Anthropology of ethics, biographies, discrimination, extremism, prevention, religious othering, self-optimization

Research area

Currently her research is located in Germany, previous area of research is India

Short bio

Alexandra Jugelt started her PhD at the chair of Johannes Quack in January 2022 as a scholarship holder of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. Currently she works as a research assistant at the Chair of Religious Studies and History of Religions at Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She did her bachelor's in religious studies and social and cultural anthropology and completed her master's in religious studies at Goethe-University in 2019. Afterwards she coordinated a pilot project designed to address the prevention of Islamism at a school near Frankfurt for two years. These work experiences have led her to her PhD project, in which she examines the negotiation of responsibility for prevention projects against Islamist extremism, with a special focus on how Muslims working in the field are involved in and position themselves within the dynamics and processes of the transfer and assumption of responsibility.