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Mustafa Akçınar

Mustafa Akçınar, MSc

  • Doctoral Researcher

Research interests

risk and uncertainty, precarious life, transnational migration&diaspora communities, governmentality, political anthropology, medical anthropology

Research areas

Turkey, Middle East, Europe

Short bio

Mustafa Akçınar acquired his bachelor degree in sociology from Hacettepe University (Ankara) in 2005 and graduated from the Middle East Technical University Sociology department in 2010 with a thesis on a Dersimi immigrant community in Berlin. He worked in numerous research projects in Turkey that allowed him to acquire a wide range of country-specific knowledge on Turkey, with an emphasis on Kurdish regions. Since March 2012 he has been working in the SNSF funded project "Development and Trust in Upper Mesopotamia" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heinz Käufeler and Prof Dr. Peter Finke.