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ISEK - Institut für Sozialanthropologie und Empirische Kulturwissenschaft Ethnologie

Submission of proposal

We encourage the submission of pre-organised panels and discussion groups, and these may be given some preference in the selection process. Each panel will have three speakers, who will have half an hour to deliver their papers, followed by half an hour of questions and general discussion. Panel proposals should include a clear theme and rationale for bringing the speakers together. They need not include a discussant or chair, but may nominate either or both if desired. Round-table discussions should include five or six contributors plus a chair, and will last for an hour and a half. Individual papers will be assigned a panel by the conference organisers.

Please note: the official language of the conference is English. Individual paper proposals will only be accepted in English, but the organisers may consider complete panel or round-table proposals which include presentations in Russian.

In the case of Panel and Round Table proposals, the chair should collect and submit the information (e.g., names, affiliations, paper abstracts, etc.) for all participants.

Submit proposal for pre-organized panel

Submit proposal for paper

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