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ISEK - Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies The Diversity of Nonreligion

The Diversity of Nonreligion

Religious-Nonreligious Dynamics in the Contemporary World


Welcome on the homepage of the Emmy Noether research project:

“The Diversity of Nonreligion” (2012-2017).

We were an independent research-team funded by the Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation. The project was first affiliated at the Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology at Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main, Germany, later the project was located at the Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland.

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Project Publications:

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Quack, Johannes and Cora Schuh 2017. Religious Indifference: New Perspectives from Studies on Secularization and Nonreligion. Wiesbaden: Springer. ZORA

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Quack, Johannes, Cora Schuh, and Susanne Kind (2019). The Diversity of Nonreligion: Contested Relations (Routledge Studies in Religion). London: Routledge. ZORA

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