Christine Oldörp

Christine Oldörp, Dr.

Senior Teaching and Research Assistant

Research Management

Phone: +41 (0)44 634 58 64

Room number: AFL-G-209

Research Interests

  • Technicality and mediality of speech
  • Qualitative epistemologies:
    • Methods and methodology: the qualitative interview
    • Theory and theory development: Modes of Thinking


  • 2013–2014 CAS Study course on research management at the University of Bern
  • 2007–2013 PhD Studies at the University of Hamburg and at the University of Zurich, PhD thesis: “Textualisation? On the technicality and mediality of speech in the qualitative interview.”
  • 1991–2006 Studies in Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy at the University of Hamburg, Master’s thesis: “Towards a poetology of everyday life”

Work Experience

  • At present: Senior Teaching and Research Assistant, Research Management, Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Popular Culture Studies, University of Zurich
  • 2010–2011: Grant from the Isa Lohmann-Siems Stiftung
  • 2006–2009: Academic Associate in the Research program “Culture and Technology Research” (Institute of Cultural Anthropology, University of Hamburg)
  • 2001–2004: Student assistant at the Department of Language, Literature and Media Science of the University of Hamburg
  • 2000–2001: Freelancer and student assistant in the VW project “The Language of Courtesy in Intercultural Communication” (SHiK), University of Hamburg

Publications and teaching experience