Information for Incomings

Are you interested in studying social and cultural anthropology at the University of Zurich (UZH) for one or two semesters?

We look forward taking you in! You may study social and cultural anthropology at BA, MA and PhD levels in Zurich. Enjoy surfing the pages of ISEK-Anthropology:

In the semester plan you may find information on current courses at our department, concerning schedules, contents, requirements, lecturers. The language of title and further information indicates the language of teaching. Here you may find the complete UZH course catalogue; sort by semester (on top rights) and by faculty/ subject.

If you have any questions, please contact our mobility coordinator Juliane Neuhaus at

For your application for Zurich, please get in contact with the mobility coordinator of your home university and proceed in the following three steps:

  1. Apply directly to your home university for participation in the SEMP program (Swiss-European Mobility Program). SEMP is currently replacing ERASMUS + in Switzerland. Here you will find further information from UZH (International Relations Office) on prerequisites, procedures, forms, language skills, financial support:
  2. Once you have been nominated by your home University for studying in Zurich, you will receive an email from UZH's International Relations Office and you submit your application online.
  3. Complete the required documents in our database Mobility Online.

Please make an appointment (by email) with our mobility coordinator Juliane Neuhaus as soon as you arrive. We will sign your Learning Agreement and I may provide you with further information on studying with us.

For a good introduction to your studies at ISEK-Social Anthropology, we refer to our semester greeting (Semesterbegrüssung). Every semester, it takes place in the first week of lectures on Tuesday at 16.15h. For more details, please refer to our Agenda.

Switzerland for Incomings

We are happy to announce an anthropological module especially targeted at UZH's incoming students in spring 2020: "Switzerland for Incomings“. We have taught this module since autumn 2018.

The module "Switzerland for Incomings" is targeted at exchange students being guest at UZH with an interest to develop especially anthropological vistas on Switzerland. It is conducted as a seminar with empirical method exercises in Zurich and students’ blog entries (experiences and results).

We combine learning extra muros (outdoors’ application of ethnographic methods) with explorative and web-based learning. We impart knowledge of different ethnographic methods such as systematic observation, photo ethnography and interviewing. In class, we read and discuss texts prepared at home. These texts take in focus different aspects of contemporary Switzerland and its inhabitants. We question current images about Swissness and Switzerland in order to gain a deeper understanding about the country. Please read the following article at SwissInfo about the module: switzerland-for-whoever-you-ask-/45397350

The module is granted with 6 ECTS and graded. Please contact your teacher Juliane Neuhaus at: and provide information about

- your home university - your major / minor
- years of study in
- Bachelor / Master

This module may only be booked by mobility students (incoming students), both at bachelor's and master's levels. Bookings from other students will be cancelled.