Thematic Focus

Across the four professorial chairs, the research done at the department can be divided into three areas of thematic focus:

Material Culture and Technology

A Social Biography of the Coal Briquette: Exploring Vietnam through an Ordinary Commodity
Anthropology of skill
Audio documents as artefacs? About the necessity of complementing ethnographic collections with immaterial heritage
Cai Yuanpei specialised library for the cultural anthropology of China
Chase and Game – Hunting and Gathering in Transition
Disability and Technology in Uganda from Local and Global Perspectives
Disability, Displacement, and Technology - Unfolding Dynamics of Vulnerability Categories among People with Physical Disabilities in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda
Doing the potters work in a squatting body posture – Dimensions of a body technique
Dutch New Guinea in flux: colonialism and cultural change, material culture and representation through the prism of Heinrich Harrer’s 1962 expedition
Guangxi Anthropology – A Case of Modern Local Chinese Anthropology
Kalamkari – Myth and Cloth from India
Liaoning rural material culture, 1980-1995
National Museums and Museology in Africa. Exhibiting in and on Africa South of the Sahara
Peter Aufschnaiter and Heinrich Harrer – A Comparative Ethnological Analysis
Skill and imagination in the production of wire toys in Burundi
Skills in migration: Everyday life strategies of Chinese rice farmers
“Spice Chains”: Vietnamese Star Anise, Global Markets, and the Making of an Indigenous Commodity
Successful ageing - for all? An Anthropological Study on the Understanding of Excluding Aged People with Disabilities from Positive Ageing Paradigms
The Crowning Gift
The „Ethnologisches Museum Berlin“ on the way into the „Humboldt-Forum Berlin“
The Suriname, French Guiana and Alto Xingu Collection of Heinrich Harrer at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich
The Working Body in Ethnographic Film
Tilling with Knives and Planting with Fire: Socio-technical Transformations and Senses of Place of Steep-slope Cultivation Communities in Yunnan (PR of China) in Times of Climate Change
Toilet Innovations – Social-anthropological and historical aspects of a universal need, its technologies, social impacts and trajectories of local and global modernisation