Cover "Roadsides" no. 001

"Roadsides" is a new open-access e-journal designed to be a forum devoted to exploring the social life of infrastructure. The title "Roadsides" is a metaphorical proxy for all sorts of engagements arising alongside roads, rail tracks, pipelines, border fences, airports, houses, dams, and other kinds of infrastructure as they are imagined, contested, constructed, and maintained, and as they fall into disrepair. The intention of "Roadsides" is to create a graphically pleasing and, format-wise, lighter forum for exchange than a typical academic journal. The journal will publish biannual thematic collections of texts and multisensory contributions combining word, image, and sound.

The first issue titled "Infrastructural Times" was edited by Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi, a professor of Social Anthropology at ISEK and co-founder of “Roadsides.” Visit “Roadsides” at: