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Publications Molly Fitzpatrick


Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2021. Moral Becomings: The Affective Politics of Care in Midwifery Clinics in Bali, Indonesia. PhD Dissertation. University of Zurich.

Journal Articles

Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2022. “Uncomfortable Care: Feeling through Ways of ‘Being With’ as a Doula-Ethnographer”. Curare 45 (2): 37–50.

Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2019. “Birth Story Interviews: on the Assumptions Hidden in our Research Methods.” Medicine Anthropology Theory, Dissertating Section.

Fitzpatrick, Molly and Mario Rutten. 2016. “Contextualising Transnationalism: Local Embedment and Global Engagement amongst Gujarati Indians in Cape Town.” Economic and Political Weekly 51(30): 57-64.

Further Publications

Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2020. “Boundary Work in the Birthing Room: Doulas, Emotional Labour, and the Politics of Care”. Leiden Anthropology Blog.

Kukuczka, Anna and Molly Fitzpatrick. 2019. “Canon-Making within Social and Cultural Anthropology in Zurich and Beyond”. ZANTHRO comments.

Fitzpatrick, Molly and Pieter Lagerwaard. 2015. “E2=MR” in Verstappen, Sanderien and Willy Sier (Eds.) Ontmoetingen met Mario. Diemen: Uitgeverij AMB.

Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2014. “Navigating Segregation in Cape Town”. The Protocity.

Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2014. Provincial Globalisation Research Report: ‘Local Differences and Transnational Ties: The Gujarati Hindu Community of Cape Town, South Africa’.

Fitzpatrick, Molly. 2012. Provincial Globalisation Research Report: ‘Breaking Free or Staying Put? Migration Decisions for Female Students in Central Gujarat, India’.

Fitzpatrick, Molly, Pieter Lagerwaard and Fieke Jagers. 2012. “De Verhalen achter Migratie: Visa Agents, Indiase Studentes en Jonge Antropologen in het Veld”. KijkSW 4: 15.