Urs Andreas Wickli

Urs Andreas Wickli, Dr.

Associated researcher



Research Interests

Medical anthropology; currently with a research project in the realm of medical pluralism (from 2021 until probably 2024).

Theories of cultural anthropology and theories of doing ethnography.

Philosophy of science.

Research region

Switzerland – gradually related to and contextualised in respect to the neighbouring countries, to Europe, to the world.


Urs Andreas Wickli graduated in cultural and social anthropology from the University of Zürich in 2018. His PhD-thesis was published as a book in the programme of philosophy within the Schwabe Verlag in Basel in June 2020. Its title is: […] zum Wozu des Ethnologischen Museums Berlin im künftigen Humboldt-Forum: Annotationen, Versatzstücke und Stellungnahmen.

Short commentary on the PhD-thesis: The research which had led to the thesis had already been conducted in the spirit of Fragmented Holism, and consequently the thesis itself was written in the same spirit. The principle of Fragmented Holism allows to still think of the whole. But the whole under question is fragmented, differently scaled, split up, disparate, non-linear, but kaleidoscopic, at best fractal and acephalic.

Besides his research activities, Urs Andreas Wickli runs a proof-reading service for academic texts in German. You can find his proof-reading service under www.klaretexte.ch. He equally does translation work from English to German, from French to German.