Sophie Nakueira

Sophie Nakueira, Dr.

Associated researcher

Research interests

Auspices of global governance, architectures of governance, plural policing, legal pluralism and global migration, humanitarian governance, mega-event governance

Research area

South Africa, Uganda, Eastern Africa

Short bio

Dr. Sophie Nakueira is a senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, department ‘Law and Anthropology’. Prior to joining Max Planck Institute, she has guest-lectured at the University of Cape Town’s Centre of Criminology on diverse topics on plural governance, plural policing and legal pluralism and transnational private governance. She is an interdisciplinary scholar with training in law, criminology and ethnography. She has empirically examined structures of governance, private-public partnerships, plural policing and plural ordering in mega event spaces, refugee settlements and the technologies and strategies of policing migration from the global South to the global North. Analytically she is interested in understanding how regulatory networks, public-private partnerships, global legal regimes and non-state normative orders interact to shape events and governance of objectives in local and global spaces. Nakueira has taught at the University of Zurich in the department of Social anthropology and cultural studies and has given a number of lectures and seminars at the Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp in Belgium as an invited guest. Her full profile can be found here To learn about her current project please visit