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ISEK - Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies Social and Cultural Anthropology

Workshop "Approaching Research in the Field of Human Reproduction"

20. October 2021

Organizers: Dr. Daniel Drewniak & Anina Meier, M.A., URPP Human Reproduction Reloaded | HR2

This pre-fieldwork workshop aims to provide PhD students and postdocs of the research priority program “Human Reproduction Reloaded | H2R” as well as other junior researchers working in the field of human reproduction at the University of Zurich an opportunity to present their research proposals to dedicated experts in the field of human reproduction. Participants will receive comments and practical advice from the experts and other peers before embarking on their own fieldwork.

Participants / free places: The workshop is open to all interested PhD students, postdocs and scientific staff of the URPP HR2 as well as other interested members of the UZH working on the topic of human reproduction. Free places will be provided on a first-come-first-served base.

Interested persons are asked to register by writing an email to Anina Meier at, until 10. October 2021. Please also attach your research proposal (approx. 2-5 pages), including background, research question(s), methods, and potential challenges you want to discuss. Your proposal will be distributed among all participants.

Download Flyer (PDF, 170 KB)