Middle East Anthropology Conference in Zurich (1-3 Nov)

Dear All, 

From 1-3 November, we will hold a conference in Zurich with the title: 

No country for anthropologists? Ethnographic research in the contemporary Middle East

For a preliminary programme, click here

On 1 November, Jessica Winegar will give a keynote lecture at the Ethnographic Museum in Zurich with the title: 

The country of anthropologists: Creativity, Imagination and Nation-State Power

All the events are open to the public. 

This event has been organised by a team including Aymon Kreil, Mustafa Akcinar, Shirin Naef, Daniele Cantini and myself. 

We hope to meet some of you on the occasion of this conference. 

Best wishes, 

Emanuel Schaeublin


Miriam Wohlgemuth