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Vacancy: PhD position "Empirical and ethical aspects of egg donation" in the University Research Priority Program "Human Reproduction Reloaded | H2R", Sub-Project 3 60 % (limited duration)

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) "Human Reproduction Reloaded" (2021-2028) explores the rapidly changing medical technology on human reproduction. As part of the strategic orientation of the research conducted at the University of Zurich, this interdisciplinary program aims at researching and analyzing the societal impacts and legal implications of human reproduction. Moreover, it examines the aspirations, limitations and ethical considerations of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). A central concern of the URPP is the promotion of young researchers in this field, which is why several PhD positions are available in various fields of the humanities, social, medical and natural sciences.
This PhD position is part of sub-project 3 "Ethnography of Human Reproduction and Single Case Studies in Threshold Areas", led by Profs. Tanja Krones (Clinical Ethics) and Annuska Derks (Social Anthropology). SP 3 currently consists of 1 Postdoc and 3 PhD researchers. We are now looking to expand the team with a PhD researcher focusing on empirical and ethical aspects of egg donation".
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