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  • Molly Fitzpatrick erhält Jahrespreis 2023 der Philosophischen Fakultät

    Die Universität Zürich verleiht auf Antrag der Philosophischen Fakultät einen Jahrespreis an Dr. Molly Fitzpatrick für ihre Dissertation «Moral Becomings: The Affective Politics of Care in Midwifery Clinics in Bali, Indonesia».

  • Nazgul Baigabatova and Aliya Kashaganova

    Guests at ISEK - Social Anthropology Spring 2023 - part 2

    Nazgul Baigabatova and Aliya Kashaganova are visiting researchers at ISEK within framework of the Horizon Project «Central Asian Law: Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia» research and training project.

  • Workshop "Between Archive and Field"

    As part of the ongoing SNSF project "Digital Entanglements", on 17-18 April 2023 Prof. Dr. Monika Dommann and Dr. Lena Kaufmann will organize the interdisciplinary publication workshop "Between Archive and Field" at the University of Zurich.

  • H. Russell Bernard Graduate Student Paper Prize for Indira Alibayeva

    Indira Alibayeva won the H. Russell Bernard Graduate Student Paper Prize, which is given by the Society for Anthropological Sciences (a section of the AAA).

  • Jugendfilmtage 2023: Preis für Lynn Kohli

    Lynn Kohli hat für ihren Film "Endometriose: Chronisch Unsichtbar", den sie im Rahmen ihrer Bachelorarbeit am ISEK drehte, an den Schweizer Jugendfilmtagen in der Kategorie D den 3. Preis erhalten. Wir gratulieren herzlich!

  • Sujet Myanmar Conference

    «International Burma Studies Conference» 2023: Registration open

    Registration is now open for the 15th International Burma Studies Conference, which will take place from June 9 - 11, 2023.

  • Summer School "Critical Sustainability Engagements", June 13-16 in Ascona

    We are pleased to announce that in June of 2023 another SEG-Interface Commission Summer School will take place in Ascona with Zurich participation, this time under the title "Critical Sustainability Engagements: Anthropological Perspectives on Theory and Practice".

  • Russell Zanca and Ahmad Wali

    Guests at ISEK - Social Anthropology Spring 2023

    Russell Zanca’s purpose in Zurich is to work with Prof. Finke and others to develop a long-term research proposal for a project in Kazakhstan focused on pastoralism and the country’s human-ecological interface given increasingly perilous climactic conditions. Ahmad Wali Ahmad Yar is currently a visiting researcher at UZH – ISEK Chair Prof. Peter Finke until mid-April and will predominantly work on the HumMingBird project on migration, where UZH – ISEK is also a partner.

  • Call for Papers: Conference "Decolonising Gender and Sexuality: Learning from Other Voices"

    This two-day conference will explore the theme of decolonisation through different modalities of learning from and generating knowledge with marginalised communities located in former colonies of the Global South.

  • Benin Bronzes in the Spotlight

    UZH News: Eight Swiss museums, including UZH’s Ethnographic Museum, have come together under the Swiss Benin Initiative (BIS) to work with Nigeria in investigating the provenance of their holdings from the historical kingdom of Benin.

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