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Mascha Schulz and  Julian Kuttig (Guest Editors): Contributions to Indian Sociology. Special Issue: Ethnographic Perspectives on the State in Bangladesh. Sage Journals 2020

Cover Contributions to Indian Sociology

Approaching the 50th anniversary of the Bangladeshi state, this special issue aims to explore the contemporary imaginations and manifestations of state power, public order, notions of popular sovereignty, bureaucracy, state/society relations and electoral practices in Bangladesh. By engaging with existing debates, we attempt to sharpen our analysis of the distinct features that characterise Bangladesh and explore possible continuities within South Asia. How do we explain the seeming disparity between widespread disillusionment with party politics and state practices on the one hand, and high levels of politicization of major sectors of society on the other? What role do moral orders, imaginations of the state or citizenship, and different power structures play in this context? Our focus on research-based, ethnographically informed papers allows us to highlight local dynamics, imaginations and material manifestations of what has been called the ‘state effect’. Although this collection assembles articles with the explicit regional focus on Bangladesh, we hope that its spatial and historical situatedness will prove useful for comparative debates and thus contribute to pushing forward and refining the general ongoing and much-needed conceptual debates on ‘the state’. Mehr



Clémence Jullien: Du bidonville à l'hôpital. Nouveaux enjeux de la maternité au Rajasthan. Paris: Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme 2019

CoverZeitschrift für Ethnologie

La santé de la reproduction constitue un sujet d'inquiétude d’actualité en Inde : les taux de mortalité sont encore élevés, les pratiques d’avortements sélectifs féminins se poursuivent et l’accroissement démographique reste difficile à juguler. L’ouvrage suit l’anthropologue, des bidonvilles – où une ONG œuvre à la santé materno-infantile – à un hôpital public de la ville de Jaipur, au Rajasthan. Mehr