Mai 2019: Aspirations for Change 4.0: Critical Perspectives from Southeast Asia

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Convenors: Annuska Derks, Rivka Eisner and Esther Horat

Location: Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Andreasstrasse 15, 8050 Zurich, Room AND 3.46 and AND 4.06 (Keynote lecture)





Tuesday 28 May 2019
12.30 Registration and Lunch
14.00 Welcome note
Annuska Derks (University of Zurich)
14.15 The Making of Innovation in Vietnam
Annuska Derks, Rivka Eisner, Esther Horat (University of Zurich)
15.30 Tea and Coffee Break
16.15 Keynote lecture
Seeing Like the Market: Southeast Asia in the Wake of Human Capital
Daromir Rudnyckyj (University of Victoria)
18.00 Dinner


Wednesday 29 May 2019
09.00 When Permanence is Change: Singapore 4.0
Gerard Sasges (National University of Singapore)
09.45 Rise of the Machines versus Risks for the Marginalized: Automation, Unemployment and Vietnam's Ethnic Minorities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Huong Nguyen (Vietnam National University)
10.30 Tea and Coffee Break
11.00 Engines for Development, Again: Modest Fashion and the New Gendered Politics of the Indonesian Creative Economy
Carla Jones (University of Colorado Boulder)
11.45 Discussant: Peter Larsen (University of Geneva)
12.00 Discussion
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Travelling Technologies and Moving Ideas: Conditional Cash Transfers, Targetting Technologies, and the Depolitisation of Poverty in Indonesia
Gerben Nooteboom (University of Amsterdam)
14.15 Stunted Development, Global Garments and Surplus Populations
Dennis Arnold (University of Amsterdam)
15.00 Tea and Coffee Break
15.30 ‘Every Person Counts’: The Problem of Scale in Citizen-Led Development
Anne-Meike Fechter (University of Sussex)
16.15 Discussant: Esther Leemann (University of Zurich)
16.30 Final Discussion
17.00 End of Workshop