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Publications Rajat Roy

Book Chapters:

Roy, Rajat (2022). "Postcolonial Theory and its Outcastes: Reading Social Visions of Anti-Caste Thinkers in Bengal" in Tanika Sarkar and Sekhar Bandyopadhyay ed. Caste in Bengal: Histories of Hierarchy, Exclusion, and Resistance. Ranikhet: Permanent Black.

Roy, Rajat (forthcoming). "Caste, Experiences and Dalit Literature: Some Conceptual Explorations" (Invited: Contribution to a volume on Bengali Dalit Literature: Reflections on Caste, Culture and Representation edited by Kalyan Kumar Das, to be published by Routledge).

Articles in Journals Peer-Reviewed:

Roy, Rajat. "Politics of Identity contra Anti-caste Social Visions: The Matua Problem and Beyond." "Special Article" in Economic and Political Weekly. Vol. 57, Issue 42. October 2022.

Roy, Rajat. "From Postcolonial Irony to Dalit Truth: A Perspective on Experience." 'Special Article' in Economic and Political Weekly. Vol. 55, Issue 47. November 2020.

Roy, Rajat. "Namasudra Literature and the Politics of Caste in West Bengal." Sanglap: Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry. Vol. 6, Issue 1. October 2019.

Book Review:

Jaiswal, Suvira. "The Making of Brahmanic Hegemony: Studies in Caste, Gender and Vaishnava Theology" (Tulika Books, New Delhi, 2016). The Book Review, Vol. XLI, Number 3, March 2017.

Upadhyay, Shashi Bhushan. "Historiography In The Modern World: Western And Indian Perspectives" (Oxford University Press, 2016). The Book Review, Vol. XLI, Number 5, May 2017.

Sil, Sekhar. "Representation of Colonial Women in Bengali Cinema: Inner and Outer Worlds of Bhadramahila" (Papyrus, Kolkata, 2016), Socialist Perspective, Vol 46, Numbers 1-4, March, 2019.

Byapari, Manoranjan. "Jiboner Dandik Bamdik" (Rritobak, Kolkata, 2020), Anandabazar Patrika, 22 January, 2022. Link-

Mrinmay Pramanik. "Dalit Sahitya Charcha" (Gangchil, Kolkata, 2022), Anandabazar Patrika, 04 March, 2023. Link-


Roy, Rajat. “Matuader Chokhe shudhu BJP noy, Sob Dol-e kom-beshi Brahmonbaadi,” 19/05/2021, Anandabazar Patrika. Link- https://

Roy Rajat & Soumick De. “Happiness without laughter: Lessons on enjoyment from a land of unhappy consciousness,” 12/02/2021, Indian Cultural Forum. Link-

Roy, Rajat. Does Merit Have a Caste, 19/09/2020, The Wire. Link-

Roy, Rajat. "Medha Ki Kebol-e Byaktigato,” 14/02/2020, Anandabazar Patrika. Link-

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