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Publikationen Esther Horat



Trading in Uncertainty. Entrepreneurship, Morality and Trust in a Vietnamese Textile-handling Village. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Artikel in Zeitschriften und editierten Büchern


Willing to improve? Modern marketplaces and civilised trade in a northern Vietnamese village. South East Asia Research 28 (1): 56-69.


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Rearranging care, reconfiguring gender: Family and household business in post-Đổi mới Vietnam. Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology.


Tư nhân hóa và tính năng động của thị trường mang tính chất giới ở Ninh Hiệp, Gia Lâm (Privatization and Gendered Market Dynamics in Ninh Hiep, Gia Lam). Tp chí dân tc hc (Anthropology Review) 186(3): 26-36.