Emanuel Schaeublin

Emanuel Schaeublin, Dr.

assoziierter Wissenschaftler


Research interests

ethics, Islam, political economy, face-to-face interaction, religion, responsibility, resilience, conflict, mediation, public ethnography

Focus Area

Arabic-speaking Middle East

Short bio

Emanuel Schaeublin is an anthropologist interested in ethics and the question how moral concepts are used to shape social interactions and to hold people accountable. His doctoral research focused on Islam and everyday practices of giving zakat (alms) in the Palestinian city of Nablus under Israeli military occupation. Emanuel is committed to public ethnography and seeking ways of connecting anthropological research to political debates and social change. Studying how people produce knowledge about political issues in conditions of crisis, violent conflict, or political repression, he reflects on the practical consequences of different forms of knowledge and ethical discourses for conflict transformation and mediation processes.

Emanuel holds a DPhil and an MSc in Anthropology from the University of Oxford and an MA in Arabic Language, Philosophy, and Politics from the University of Geneva. He is trained in mediation and conflict negotiation. Previously, he worked for the Graduate Institute in Geneva, where he published conflict-sensitive studies analysing the role of local Islamic aid institutions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip—both in English and Arabic.

In 2018, he initiated and co-convened the conference No country for anthropologists? addressing the difficulties of conducting ethnographic fieldwork in the contemporary Middle East leading to two reports (see Publications). Since 2018, he is Co-President of the Swiss Society of the Middle East and Islamic Cultures.