New course for MA and PhD students in Social Anthropology: Gendered Subjectivities

This independent study is designed for advanced MA and PhD students who are engaging “gendered subjectivities” in their research projects. As an independent study, the course has no pre-determined syllabus, rather specific texts (relating to gender and subjective experience) will be chosen based on seminar participants’ interests and needs. We will collectively select texts based on participants shared interests, and through reading and writing, will reflect on questions such as the embodied experience of gender, subjects’ ethical negotiations in relation to gendered positionality, etc. The group will meet every alternate week (in the intervening weeks, there will be additional reading). Interested MA students and PhD candidates should contact the instructor, at the email:

Learning outcomes

This course aims to help students:

  1. Identify the literature that is important for each of their projects, within the broader theme 
  2. Fill a gap in their knowledge of this literature 
  3. Improve their writing on this theme, through feedback from the instructor and other participants in the seminar