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Stefan Leins: Stories of Capitalism: Inside the Role of Financial Analysts. Chicago and London, University of Chicago Press 2018

Cover Leins Stories of Capitalism

The financial crisis and the recession that followed caught many people off guard, including experts in the financial sector whose jobs involve predicting market fluctuations. Financial analysis offices in most international banks are supposed to forecast the rise or fall of stock prices, the success or failure of investment products, and even the growth or decline of entire national economies. And yet their predictions are heavily disputed. How do they make their forecasts—and do those forecasts have any actual value? More

Philipp Schröder: Bishkek Boys. Neighbourhood Youth and Urban Change in Kyrgyzstan’s Capital. New York: Berghahn 2017

Cover Schröder Bishkek Boys

In this pioneering ethnographic study of identity and integration, author Philipp Schröder explores urban change in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek from the vantage point of the male youth living in one neighbourhood. Touching on topics including authority, violence, social and imaginary geographies, interethnic relations, friendship, and competing notions of belonging to the city, Bishkek Boys offers unique insights into how post-Socialist economic liberalization, rural-urban migration and ethnic nationalism have reshaped social relations among young males who come of age in this Central Asian urban environment. More