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Georg Winterberger: Myanmar. Durch die Linse der Menschen. Through the lens of people. Petersberg, Michael Imhof Verlag 2017

Cover Quack Schuh

How do the Myanmar view their own country, perceive their own daily life, and are able to convey this inside view to all of us? These were the questions anthropologist Georg Winterberger wanted to reveal, when he travelled and lived in the Golden Land of Myanmar. Beyond the famed Pagodas, the landmarks, and the tourist attractions lay a people living a life. The Olympus PEN E-PL6 cameras, which were given to more than 40 recipients, gave them the opportunity to capture the life they saw everyday. More

Esther Horat: Trading in Uncertainty. Entrepreneurship, Morality and Trust in a Vietnamese Textile-Handling Village. Cham: Springer International Publishing AG 2017

Cover Horat

This book is an ethnographic case study, based on first hand observation, of family businesses in the northern Vietnamese village of Ninh Hiệp along the Red River Delta, which became a major hub for textiles in the wake of the country’s shift towards market socialism. The author explores how the traders experience, negotiate and react to a marketization process that is markedly shaped by the state’s morally ambivalent governance, and which can be thus characterised as an admixture of socialist and neoliberal ideologies. More